GB3GV is located at Markfield about 8kms north west of Leicester IO92IQ

For Batc video stream, with chat facility, click here

Input frequency 1249.0 Mhz Analog and Digital 4 M/S 1/2 FEC

Output frequency 1318.5 Mhz Digital 4 M/S 1/2 FEC

437.0 Mhz Digital Input 2M/S 3/4 FEC.

146.5 Digital Input "Reduced Bandwidth" 333K/S 7/8 FEC.

146.5 Mhz Tutioune Monitor

Talkback on 144.750. If busy we may switch to 144.525 so worth trying.

GV sleeps between 22:00 and 10:00 and wakes up when valid video on input during this time, then back to sleep after QSO